Easy, Flexible and Worry-Free Giving
with Immediate Dividends
Write one check. After that decide, on your timetable, who your donee(s) will be and when they will receive your gift, whether it's a Catholic charity or not.

Enjoy an immediate, full charitable income-tax deduction for the amount of your gift. If you give stock or securities, your gift won't incur any capital gains taxes.

As part of a donor's year-end tax planning, the donor set up a donor-advised fund and received an immediate tax deduction. But instead of being required to draft a check to a charity immediately, the donor postponed doing so. In the meantime, the money was invested until the donor was ready to make gifts to her favorite charities. The donor chose the asset allocation at the time of setting up the Fund. However, the donor is free to change her asset allocation at any time thereafter.

A Few Words on the Flexibility of Donor-Advised Funds

It's like a Charitable Piggy Bank:
"A Donor Advised Fund is like a charitable piggy bank... You get an immediate charitable income tax deduction and identify the donees of your gift only when you're ready."
-Carlyn McCaffrey, Esq., Weil Gotshal & Manges
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How to Open an Account

For further information or to discuss if a donor-advised fund is right for you, call The Catholic Communal Fund at 212.588.0624, or by email.

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